Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Was 300 Lbs. And Depressed Before Completely Changing His Appearance

The pair, who’ve been linked since November , are always showing each other love on Instagram with PDA-filled posts. They rang in the New Year with each other to celebrate the arrival of The pair made their fairytale romance a reality with a trip the the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. In December , the couple looked particularly loved-up in a Christmas-themed video that begins with a kiss and ends with a dance. Every day he inspires me to be a better person and that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!! These two make couple workouts look easy. And the couple got in some quality cuddle time! Asghari visited Spears while she was on tour in Belgium, and they — what else? He has a very positive influence on her.

Britney Spears says she’s lost weight during quarantine because she misses boyfriend Sam Asghari

He’s a year-old personal trainer and fitness model. The rumored father? Her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Justin Timberlake: The two former Mouseketeers started dating in and ended their relationship in Close to 15 years later, fans still.

Pop singer and dancer Britney Spears has a man in her life that has helped to keep her grounded. The two who have been going steady for almost three years often gush about each other on social media. Many know the name Sam Asghari, but not a lot is known about the handsome hunk who is helping Britney through her tough times. Here is a sneak peek into who Sam is and the journey that has brought him here. Famously known for his handsome face, physique, and love life, there is more to Sam than meets the eye.

The year-old has had quite an exciting journey, and in the two-and-a-half decade-plus he has had to live on earth, Sam has made drastic life changes that have left people in awe. Sam started playing football in high school and was soon drafted to play as a linebacker for the University of Nebraska before he was dropped from the team before the start of freshman year. But I must say this shot is my favorite on his page …… why you ask????!

Happy Belated B-day samasghari The moment of epiphany came when one day, at the age of 19, he was alone in his room and realized that he was not happy with his lifestyle choice. Following this, Sam decided to lose weight and hence began his journey into the life he now has today.

Britney Spears opens up about ‘funny’ boyfriend Sam Asghari

And having Sam by her side definitely makes Britney happier! She is more concerned with maintaining the relationship, getting in the best shape of her life, having fun with Sam and eventually getting engaged to Sam and married to Sam. Portrait Series Expand Menu. View Gallery View Gallery 9 Photos.

Britney Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari have been together since and sources tell HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he will ‘always.

It was basically boredom that brought Britney Spears and her man Sam Asghari together. All we’ve known up until now was that the two met on the set of her “Slumber Party” video. While discovering their shared love of sushi, they casually mentioned going out to dinner sometime. This guy was really cute! He is just a really fun, funny person. The couple has dated since November and even rang in the new year together.

Britney’s interview comes after a former reality TV star claimed that she and Sam are in a relationship , even sharing a now-deleted pic on Instagram of her and a man appearing to be Sam kissing. Morgan Osman, who once starred in two episodes of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” in , implied that the smooch was recent. Britney he is using you,” Morgan told website The Dirty.

I feel sorry for Britney Spears , she seems like a good person. Jennifer Lopez thinks it’s time for a woman to have a major voice in Major League Baseball, and she wants to be the woman to break that ceiling. But, I think in every field, especially in institutions like Major League Baseball that are so American in this moment in time, it is important for diversity and it is important for women to have positions of power that they’ve earned and deserve and can contribute in a way that is just as good as any man on the planet,” she said.

Britney Spears’ boyfriend claps back as Timbaland tries to publicly humiliate her

Britney Spears showed her boyfriend, Sam Asghari , some affection in honor of his upcoming birthday. Happy Birthday samasghari!!!!!! When Spears injured herself earlier this month — she broke her foot while dancing — her love was ready to jump into action.

Britney Spears boyfriend Sam Asghari shared behind the scenes of her Instagram in response to fans asking where she is.

Britney Spears has been making headlines recently since her conservatorship has become a topic of conversation once again. During all of this turmoil, many people have wondered about her relationship with her boyfriend Sam Asghari and what he has been doing to help the singer. After a number of mental breakdowns, Spears was put under a conservatorship in The conservatorship gives an appointed individual decision-making ability over another person.

For Spears, this means that her dad Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallet could control her finances, estate, and career decisions. The current arrangement has been extended through Aug Lately, the topic has come up again as fans have been wondering if Spears is leaving secret messages in her TikTok videos to reveal that she needs help. Since then, the two have been a happy couple and Asghari has reportedly been very protective over Spears.

He thinks social media is not a place for others to weigh in on the lives of celebrities because people never really know somebody just based on their persona. At the end of the day, his priority is the relationship he has with Britney and her happiness, plain and simple. He has seen her at her best and he wants to be there for her the entire way. Whatever people want to say about her behind her back is their own problem.

Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Sam Asghari Is Also a Personal Trainer — Meet Him

Enter keyword s to search for the articles,events,business listing and community content. You can use letters:a-z,A-Z and numbers The year-old singer cast the hunk in the music video for her new single ‘Slumber Party’, and the pair have since been spotted heading out for dinner together, sparking romance rumors in the process. Taking to his Instagram on Saturday

Britney Spears is reportedly dating fitness model Sam Asghari after the pair were spotted having dinner together.

Britney Spears warned you that she’s not that innocent. The singer and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, had intended on a relaxing day at the beach on July 29 US time , but the year-old had other plans. As her year-old beau napped on the sand, face covered with a shirt, Spears attempted to rouse him by poking the personal trainer in the face with an empty water bottle.

The outing was a nice distraction for Spears who is set to return to court to discuss the terms of her conservatorship. A virtual hearing set for July 22 was postponed by a California judge after unauthorised individuals reportedly hacked into the video link. Britney has been under the conservatorship of her father, Jamie, since when she had a very public mental breakdown.

Under the year deal, Jamie was given power to control Spears’ finances, estate and career.

Britney Spears’ boyfriend hints he’s married pop beauty in secret ceremony

Britney Spears rang in her 38th birthday on Monday — and no one was more excited than her boyfriend, Sam Asghari. Asghari, 25, took to Instagram to share a cute throwback video of the couple ice skating to Spears’ hit “Break the Ice. Note that there’s profanity in the video. Spears and Asghari have been dating since Though the couple mostly keep a low profile, they often share pics from their life together on Instagram. Asghari opened up about the relationship to “Entertainment Tonight” in September, sharing that he “absolutely” plans to pop the question one day.

Who is Sam Asghari, Britney Spears’ boyfriend? He’s a personal trainer and model. He was born Hesam Asghari in Tehran, Iran in He’s of.

So happy together. Britney dealt with a lot of family drama in , and her beau helped her feel secure through it all. Sam has been helping Britney every step of the way and trying to keep her mind off of things. On September 22, Sam showed his lady some love in the comments of a selfie she posted that showed off her abs. Goals, right?

The model and actor believes he and Britney really hit it off right from the start. Just like a normal couple. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews — Subscribe on YouTube! So sweet! Sam visited Britney in Japan during her Piece of Me tour in June and seemed to be spending more time with her and her family by that point. Clearly, things were getting serious between Britney and Sam.

The untold truth of Britney Spears’ boyfriend Sam Asghari

Well, if social media is any indication, it looks like the set boyfriend has found just that in Sam Asghari. Okay, but. Short answer: Sam Video is a personal trainer-turned-model and maybe future actor. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight , Asghari said “Absolutely,” when asked whether he saw marriage in his future with the “Make Me” singer. That’s the whole point of a relationship—we are a family,” he said. Ummm, who reveals is that?

Britney Spears and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, have been linked since late Learn all about the relationship between the couple!

Less than 48 hours before Britney Spears ‘ big court date, her boyfriend of four years seems to have shown support for her freedom. Spears met now year-old fitness trainer Sam Asghari in October while shooting her “Slumber Party” music video Maxi shared the screenshot back to her Story, writing, “incase you’re [sic] wondering how Sam feels.

Britney advocates have mixed feelings about the interaction, with several saying they “don’t trust him. He is more concerned with himself. SamIsAScam,” one user wrote. FreeBritney is ramping up – and so are rumors about gag orders being given by the Spears camp. These suppositions are sparking much skepticism, especially when it comes to Sam But at the same time, I don’t trust him one bit. A backup on Britney’s boyfriend: exactly two years ago, he told Men’s Health he “had butterflies” before meeting her.

Asghari, who was 4 when Britney dropped ” Baby One More Time,” said “She motivates me more than anyone. Britney shared her recollection of their “Slumber Party” meeting during a interview – it seems they bonded between takes

Sam Asghari Showed Behind the Scenes of Britney Spears’ Instagram in Response to Fans

By Christine Rendon For Dailymail. Britney Spears is losing weight because she misses being with her boyfriend Sam Asghari so much. The pop star, 38, hasn’t seen Sam in a while since she is currently self-quarantining after returning from Louisiana.

Britney Spears’ boyfriend is really into fitness but he was not always that way. Sam Asghari, who has been dating the pop princess since late.

Britney Spears found a pretty funny way to keep herself entertained in lockdown, by pranking her unwitting boyfriend Sam Asghari. Fitness trainer Sam was simply trying to have a snooze outside on Tuesday and covered his eyes with a shirt to block out the afternoon sun. The Toxic singer then crept up to him and nudged his lips with the bottle and, while he seemed to be in the throes of a deep nap, Sam reacted fairly swiftly and pretended to bite the bottle.

On a more serious note, Britney opened up about the struggles in having to self-isolate for what feels like the 21st month of lockdown. In another Instagram post, the pop star offered some words of encouragement to her Make sure you take the time and try to understand WHY all of this is happening in our world … what can we all do to make things better??? Hope you guys are taking this time to know yourselves a little bit better …..

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